I need books for my university course, but they’re so expensive

“What about buying textbooks and laptops? They’re so expensive. I don’t want to not get things I need for my course, but also don’t want to run out of money.”  – PJ

The first thing I would suggest is thinking of other ways to access these resources to save money. Can you borrow from your uni library? Buy second hand or share with others on your course?

I think a list of what you need the most may also help. For example, if you only need a book for one part of the term, is this a priority buy? If you link up with other students on your course, you could each commit to buying one different textbook for the course and share them amongst you.

Also, often, students in the year above are selling textbooks they no longer need. Check the library and other notice boards in the Student Union or put up a message on your uni pages for textbooks needed.