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Need to make some money while at Uni? Follow these 10 simple tips

As part of our #HeyFresher campaign, we’ve linked up with graduates Amina (@IAmInAPlace) and Kyomi (@WadingWade ) to bring you some top money saving (and making!) tips while studying at University.  Check out their video here and comment with your own student money life-hacks using #HeyFresher to win £100 voucher. Read more >

The student life: how to live cheaply (or for free!)

When people think of students, they often think living off beans on toast, blowing budgets, and scrambling for money to get through until the next Student Finance pay day. While this can definitely be the case, people often don’t realise the amount of stuff students can get really cheap or for free if they search […] Read more >

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Got your A-level results? Now it’s time to think about your next steps…

Congratulations! Whatever your grades, today you have reached a milestone – you’ve finished school/college and now it’s time to enter the next stage of your life. If you’re going into work, an apprenticeship, uni, or haven’t quite decided what’s next for you, check out our tips below to get a head start. You’re beginning full-time […] Read more >

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Travelling on a Student Budget

Travelling on a Student Budget Let’s be honest, one of the best things about university is having time off and having the opportunity to go on holiday with family or friends. However, being on a tight student budget doesn’t mean you can’t jump on a plane or train to get away for a few days […] Read more >

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Apply to get involved with the Money for Life Community Challenge today!

Apply to get involved with the Money for Life Community Challenge today! Money for Life’s Community Challenge has relaunched! We are giving young people the chance to design, develop and deliver their very own community project. Community Challenges provide a real opportunity to put the new money management skills you’ve learnt through the Money Masterclass […] Read more >

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Not Going to Glastonbury? Here Are Some Fun (and Cheap) Alternatives!

Glastonbury Alternatives Glastonbury festival is famously one of the most expensive festivals in the UK, leaving many of us no choice but to watch it on the telly (if you can bear the FOMO!). If you’re not at Glastonbury this year, here are some free and cheap activities you can do to turn that FOMO […] Read more >

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Food for Thought

A new survey found that 83 per cent of Britons think Brexit is going to result in a hike in the price of household goods – and with the general election just round the corner, the cost of food is one of the things many people are concerned about. So here’s some food for thought… As an age group, apparently we (young people) spend more on food than any other group. You may be in […] Read more >

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Why money problems often lead to mental health problems – and vice versa

It used to be taboo to talk about mental health problems. Not anymore! Last month Prince Harry told the world that he struggled to deal with the death of his mother. It took him 20 years to seek counselling after enduring “two years of chaos”. It was a brave and important thing for Prince Harry […] Read more >

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#PiggyPower from Scottish Financial Education Week

A few weeks ago UK Youth and Youth Scotland went on the road to promote Money for Life at Scottish Financial Education Week. We toured Scotland asking people about their financial hopes, fears and expectations and shared them using #PiggyPower. We went to colleges, universities and city centres from Edinburgh and Glasgow to Stirling and Inverness. […] Read more >

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Turn out your pockets, tidy your credit score, it’s time for a financial spring clean

The sun is shining, the blossom is blooming, Easter is around the corner, and it’s time for a spring clean. A financial spring clean! Don’t worry, this won’t take long. It will be relatively painless, and at the end you’ll feel ready to take on the world anew. So first of all, turn out your […] Read more >

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Bill Gates and Kim Kardashian; Lord Alan Sugar and Katie Price – now, on the surface these may appear like odd couplings but scratch a bit deeper and their entrepreneurial link is pretty epic!  All four of these iconic stars have set up a business or two that have amassed mega-bucks. And it appears they’re […] Read more >

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Are we really the Peter Pan Generation?

Are you like many of us still stuck living with the ’rents? Forced to abide by their rules; no respect for our privacy; constantly being asked if we’re leaving without a coat – and all in the name of ‘cheap’ rent! As fun as it is and however much we love them, we’re pretty sure […] Read more >